About Us

Embrace the change with Edible Cutlery, where great taste meets sustainability.

About Us

Our story

Our Edible Cutlery journey first began in December 2022, when our co-founders Abhinav Nagaraj and Nishanth Ananth first had the idea to create a true zero-waste solution to traditional disposable cutlery.

Inspired by Western Australia’s ban on single-use plastics, our co-founders set out to tackle Australia’s plastic problem head on. Having discovered that Australians use an incredible 7 million disposable cutlery units each day, the pair knew that a tasty and fun alternative was exactly the solution they needed. After experimenting with various natural ingredients and flavours to finetune our products, the original Edible Cutlery range was launched.

Today, our product range has expanded to include several delicious flavours of edible spoons, sporks, straws, and most recently, cups and bowls. Crafted from 100% plant-based ingredients, our goal is to create a safe and long-term solution to single-use cutlery. Since launching, our brand has already partnered with some of Australia’s largest organisations to completely transform cutlery norms.

Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to innovate the cutlery space, creating tasty eco-friendly products that protect our planet and bring smiles to faces. Together, let’s ditch harmful single-use cutlery and work towards a cleaner, greener planet.

Our Mission

At Edible Cutlery, we’re on a mission to revolutionise the way we eat on the go with our nutritious and eco-friendly products. We’re dedicated to raising awareness about the health and environmental impacts of traditional disposable cutlery and stopping waste in its tracks, benefitting both people and the planet.

Our Vision

Don’t have a favourite cutlery brand? We’re here to change that.

We envision a world where disposable cutlery isn’t just an afterthought or a source of frustration (hello, soggy straws!) but something that diners actually crave. Edible Cutlery is putting a sense of excitement into the single-use cutlery market for the first time ever, with our range of nutritious and delicious alternatives. Our goal is to become a leading innovator in the realm of eco-conscious products, inspiring a global change in the way we think about cutlery.

Experience the Edible Difference

At Edible Cutlery, we have unlocked the perfect blend of sustainability and culinary innovation to create an unforgettable experience for your tastebuds. Offering superior functionality and great taste, our cutlery is a guilt-free way to snack on the go. With Edible Cutlery, you can enjoy a delicious dining experience while contributing to a greener planet, one bite at a time. Try it for yourself today, and join us on our journey toward a sustainable tomorrow!