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Edible Cutlery Acquires Use N Eat for a Sustainable Future

Australia’s first Edible Cutlery startup is now a part of Edible Cutlery to revolutionise the edible utensils industry.


Welcome to another exciting chapter in our business journey! Today, we’re talking about a groundbreaking development in the realm of eco-friendly, edible utensils.

Edible Cutlery, a leader in the Edible Cutlery industry, has acquired its predecessor, Adelaide based, Use N Eat, Australia’s first Edible Cutlery company. This tasty transformation aims to create an unstoppable force in the fight against single-use cutlery and waste while providing an innovative and delicious solution for environmentally conscious consumers.

A Brief History of Use N Eat

Three years ago, Amol Kingaonkar, a visionary entrepreneur, founded Use N Eat with a simple yet revolutionary idea: creating Edible Cutlery that could replace disposable utensils. These incredible spoons and edible cutlery products not only reduce waste but also add a unique, delightful element to every meal. Since its inception, Use N Eat has made significant strides in the market, capturing the hearts and taste buds of Australians and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Key Points of the Acquisition and the Vision

  1. Edible Cutlery acquires Use N Eat to strengthen its position in the Australian edible cutlery industry.
  2. Expanded reach and bolstered product offerings, including edible spoons, edible sporks, and other edible utensils, through the acquisition.
  3. A shared mission to fight against single-use plastics and provide a sustainable alternative to traditional utensils.
  4. Accelerated progress and expanded market presence in the edible cutlery space.

Amol Kingaonkar, the founder of Use N Eat, has been retained by Edible Cutlery in a strategic capacity as a Co-Director. His experience, expertise, and passion for the cause will be valuable assets to the company as it continues to grow and innovate in the Edible Cutlery market in Australia.

Edible Cutlery Overseeing Operations

Edible Cutlery will oversee the company’s operations, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless integration of both companies. This collaboration will further strengthen the commitment of reducing single use cutlery waste in Australia.

The Future of Edible Cutlery

With this acquisition, Edible Cutlery is poised to take the Australian market by storm. Combining the strengths of both companies, they are now better equipped to meet the demands of an increasingly eco-conscious world.

As the Edible Cutlery industry evolves, we can expect to see more creative, sustainable, and delicious solutions for our everyday dining needs. With Edible Cutlery leading the charge, the future of sustainable dining is looking brighter and more appetising than ever before.


Edible Cutlery’s acquisition of Use N Eat marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable dining experience in Australia. With the combined expertise and vision of both companies, the possibilities for innovation in the Edible Cutlery market are limitless. As consumers, we can look forward to a future where we can enjoy our meals guilt-free, knowing that our choices are contributing to a healthier, cleaner planet. Bon appétit!

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